Protecting your world



Designed and tested

designed with user considerations and feedback

Masks FFP2, FFP3, N95,N99,

Finest Materials

CE , BSI standards / EN149:2001 standards FFP2, FFP3, N95,N99

N95,N99,FFP2, FFP3, Masks

Gentle on the face

firm seal to ensure no leakage of airflow 

FFP2, FFP3, N95,N99,Masks

Easily Foldable

easy to store away or pack after sanitation is completed

PPE, Masks, HSE, safety

Easy maintenance mask

Classed as disposable however masks can be re-used if looked after using the correct methods of sanitation.


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"One person choosing to help another will bring worldwide changes"

"IPOWER proverb - individually bringing people together to create positive change in the universe"

"When this crisis ends there is no reason to allow the hungry to go without or treat others without dignity and respect we have another chance here to make a real difference in the world together.  Ensuring we come together in unity and strength helping each other and bringing positive changes too the world"


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